Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Wilson

Special Offer for Big Ticket Blueprint Participants

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Million Dollar Month

BIG sales

Cut Your Hours in Half: Facebook Ads & High End Sales

“The person who said Lindsay was the Mother Teresa of her niche was right. The value of this is priceless!" - Michelle Vandepas

What you'll learn:

  1. Exactly what to sell so you can work less
  2. What is selling like hot cakes now that could allow you to cut your hours in half
  3. The way to find clients who will buy in the next 24 hours (over 500 clients were found this way in my tribe last month!)
  4. How to do all of this with no sales page, launch, affiliates or drama

$350k in 30 Days with Sales Through Facebook Ads!

$350k in 30 days

The exact Facebook Ad strategy that gets High End leads (You won't learn this ANYWHERE else!) Stop what you're doing and read this immediately. This information is absolutely priceless. AND It's Only One Part Of This Spectacular Program!

What you'll learn:

  1. The hottest trend in High End offers that sells millions
  2. The one thing that most people do that blows this strategy
  3. How to create more of the life you love through this process!

Exactly What to Say to Sell

exactly what to sell

What you'll learn:

  1. The 5 step simple script that works
  2. The biggest mistake made most often in sales conversations and how to not make it. (This alone may change huge things for you!)
  3. What to do to make the sale when someone says they “need to think about it.”

7 Figure Sales Secrets

Money secrets

The change in the economy a couple years ago changed everything. Info products don’t sell like they used to - have you noticed huge coaches are now available for private consulting? Learn the 7 sales secrets of 7 figure entrepreneurs, including exactly how to implement the top strategies for Connections, Exposure, Email List, Marketability, Services & Products and what Commitment has to do with it.

$: What’s Working Now

what is working now

Stop being behind the curve and learn what the hotest and most successful entrepreneurs are doing right now to make big ticket sales with amazing ease. You don't have to stuggle to make high end sales, the path is already set... you just have to follow it.

What you'll learn:

  1. Why Hi-End is Where It’s at Today: In this economy big ticket sells. Not sure how to price or where to find leads? You’ll learn step-by-step.
  2. Social Media: Ads work right now in a way they never did before & that changes social media strategy. We’ll show you.
  3. Ways to Make More & Work Less: From shortcuts on opt-in pages (how would you like a 60%+ conversion?) to pricing & packaging things better, get my best timesaving systems! (I have 2 kids under 2 & amp;a thriving business. I promise not to waste your time.)
  4. You May Not Know it, But the Language to Use Has Changed. Discover what you need to change in your email marketing & website copy to sell more.

Finding Clients

finding clients

Finding clients is not as hard as it seems. FThese program lays out simple steps you can take right now to start finding clients immediately and secure those clients for the future. Finding clients has never been easier.

What you'll learn:

  1. Learn why these are the only steps you need to take to find more clients (& learn how to do each one!)
  2. Find Your Direct Path to Loads of Ideal Clients.
  3. Create Things That Always Sell.
  4. Learn Exactly What to Say to Sell ~ on Calls or In Person. (No more uncomfortability asking for money!)
  5. Break Through Your Fear of Rejection & Develop a Deep Belief in Yourself & Your Ability to Sell.
  6. Know How to Market What You Sell so People Will Buy.
  7. Practice a System That Absolutely Guarantees That People Will Purchase From You.

8 Super Hot Facebook Ad Tips

high end facebook ads

The most effective stealth strategies for selling with Facebook ads. (These tips made $350k in 30 days.) Shot at Lindsay’s LA live event. As Willie Crawford said: “This young lady rocks! At the same time she keeps it so simple that even I could follow what she teaches.”

Make High End Sales Through Facebook Ads

High level, smart social media sales strategy. It shows what’s counterintuitive about selling through the cheapest, most targeted lead generation system available.

Lindsay Wilson

Special Offer for Big Ticket Blueprint Participants